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  Four Kings

"Four Kings is a thriller and George Kimball a prince among sportswriters. You may know the results of the fights he describes but you are ringside as Kimball takes you through the fights round by round, punch by punch. Because of the tremendous dignity of the four fighters, three African Americans and a Panamanian Hispanic, and Kimball's splendid prose, this becomes an epic poem of a book, a book that lifts the heart."
  - Frank McCourt, author of Angela's Ashes, 'Tis, and Teacher Man

"Kimball is not just an ace reporter of fistic happenings, he's an in-depth historian of pugilistica, and his Four Kings promises to be a distinguished and entertaining addition to our library of classic boxing literature."
  - Budd Schulberg, author of On the Waterfront and The Harder They Fall

"Kimball writes with insight and humor. The bigger the fight, the better he tells it."
  - Thomas Hauser, author of Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times

"Four Kings is a terrific book.†George Kimball was there and never missed a moment of it. His account of the fighters, the fights and the colorful supporting players is rich with insights and details that will delight anyone who remembers -- or has even heard of -- these four kings."
  - Vincent Patrick, author of The Pope of Greenwich Village and Family Business

"George Kimball is one of America's best-loved sportswriters and Four Kings shows why. With skill, grace and humor, he brings to life a remarkable era and four uniquely gifted athletes. After reading Four Kings, one has to wonder why no one had ever previously attempted a similar exploration of the last golden age of boxing."
  - Jeremy Schaap, ESPN anchor and author of Cinderella Man

"A phenomenon . . . I couldn't put it down."
  - Emanuel Steward, Hall of Fame Trainer

"The time when the four kings ruled the sport was truly a golden era for boxing. George Kimball's excellent and accurate account of the grandeur -- indeed the majesty - -of the confrontations among Hagler, Hearns, Leonard and Duran is an exciting read. I highly recommend it for anyone who has ever been fascinated by the sport of boxing."
  - Bob Arum, CEO, Top Rank, Inc

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